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Amber Bock

Dear Families,

I hope that you are enjoying what has been a really wonderful summer.  Despite the dryness of everyone’s lawns, the opportunity to be outdoors this time of year is so uplifting, and the longer day makes getting outside in the early evening special. While I want you to continue having a fun vacation, this is the letter that reminds all of us that it is time to begin preparing for a return to school in just a few short weeks.  

Beginning to adjust your mindset is as important as buying new school supplies in order to have your family ready to begin the year successfully.  Last year as a district we began a special focus reflecting on ‘Wellness’ for both faculty and students. Developing life habits inclusive of having a positive mindset has become a motivating discussion among our faculty. Having conversations and planning for the start of school prepares everyone.  Giving yourself opportunities ahead of time to troubleshoot problem areas that challenge your family during the school year can help to make those first bumps in the year smooth out more quickly. With busy lives and hectic schedules it helps to have those explicit family conversations about what kind of year you all hope to have as your children prepare for what is always an important ‘fresh start’ to the year. This summer our family is preparing to send our second child to college, and we are having those important conversations, to prepare emotionally and organizationally, even while we have lived through the process once before. What may be a well worn mental path for us as parents is still unique for each child, and a new experience for him or her to be going through.   Read More...

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Including summer reading lists  and ideas to get you excited about all  you’ll be learning next year!
Pre K - Grade 6 Summer Reading
Including summer reading lists and ideas to get you excited about all you’ll be learning next year! KEEP READING, WRITING, AND THINKING!
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Long Range Strategic Plan
Areas of strategic focus identify overarching themes that ground our work as a district. For each of these core focus areas the plan articulates major goals. These goals are achieved through the completion of key initiatives that have clear outcomes leaving WPS a better place for students and faculty.
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Extended School Year Program
Visit the Extended School Year website for all the information you need about Registration
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Important Dates for 2016-17
For the 2016-2017 School Year, the Westborough School Committee has approved August 31, 2016 as the First Day of School for students. The following vacation dates were also approved:
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News and Notes
Community - Weekly News and Notes
Find all your current weekly news and important information.
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