PreK - 3 Expansion

Currently our PK-3 schools are either at capacity or nearing capacity. A key project for us as a community is to respond thoughtfully to this growth in enrollment. In 2015 we proactively began assessing this need with a learning phase and a data gathering phase.  We conducted tours of the PK-3 schools for town leaders, and School Committee worked collaboratively with Fincom, Planning Board, and Selectmen to hire a “Demographic, Enrollment Projections and School Capacity Assessment Report”.  This report, compiled by consultants HMFH Architects, provides clear data and ideas about our schools.


We are now working to develop a plan of action that assures the town of having current, appropriate buildings for Westborough students. The town has voted the formation of a PreK-3 Building Committee and the committee is forwarding plans to meet growth needs. Several preliminary warrant articles have been approved at Town Meeting to support the committee's work.

The link to the full study report from HMFH can be found by clicking the Enrollment Study link on this page. It is an extensive report with 10-year population growth information on student enrollment. In addition, this site provides a range of documents to update progress.

Amber Bock

Superintendent of Schools