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In the spring of 2012 Town Meeting approved a Feasibility Study for repairing Gibbons Middle School. A ‘Building Committee’ was formed and $375,000 was encumbered to fund the study.

This presentation summarizes the results of the Feasibility Study that the Building Committee has been working on with our Project Manager and Architect for the past 2 ½ years. 

Timeline of Town Effort:
● Nov. 2008 School Committee and Selectmen approve Statement of Interest to MSBA
● Town Meeting voted to approve Gibbons Study
● SBC Committee: Selected OPM (Owners Project Manager) & Designer
● Building Committee was formed in May 2012
● Committee Members include: Amber Bock, Jim Malloy, Steve Doret, Irene Oliver, Peter O’Neil, Andrew Reinach, Andrew Bradley, Jack Foley.
● Committee held 7 open meetings on Schematic Design

Goals of Project
1. Replace Outdated and/or Out of Code Building Systems
2. Improve the Quality of the Educational Program
3. Extend the Useful Life of the building approximately 50 years