Core Values

Westborough Public Schools

Physical Education, Health, and Wellness Department

Students First:

We will...

  • engage all students and the whole student

  • foster an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and heard.

  • acknowledge and celebrate the diverse members of the school community

  • make connections with students and have an awareness & depth of understanding of each of our students

Striving for Excellence:

We will…

  • provide high quality, relevant opportunities for students to attain lifelong wellness

  • model lifelong learning and remain current in our fields.

  • advocate for our colleagues, classmates, and each other

  • accept change. Expect change. Create change

Passionate and Positive:

We will…

  • inspire students to be physically active

  • challenge students and staff to engage in healthy, risk-taking behaviors that will help them grow and increase confidence

  • motivate our students on a daily basis


We will…

  • be accountable, hard working & proud of what we do

  • model collaboration, cooperation & effective communication

  • promote a culture that holds all adults and students accountable for their actions

  • have integrity as educators