Curriculum Documents

Physical Education/Wellness is offered at all grades K-12.  Health/Wellness is taught as a full course in the classroom in grades 8 and 9.  Health/ Wellness is also delivered in the classroom as a part of grades 10,11,12 Physical Education.

Armstrong, Fales, Hastings Elementaries
Grades K-3 Physical Education / Wellness

​Mill Pond Elementary
Grades 4-6 Physical Education / Wellness

Gibbons Middle School
Grade 7 Physical Education / Wellness

Grade 8 Physical Education / Wellness

Grade 8 Health Wellness

​Westborough High School
Grade 9 Health Wellness

Unified Physical Education

Grade 10-12 Quarter Length Electives
Adventure Courses:
Low Adventure
Outdoor Endeavors

Concepts Courses:
Peak Performance for Sport & Life

Fitness Courses:
Fitness 1 - Introduction to Everyday Fitness
Fitness 1 - Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
Functional Fitness / American Ninja Warrior Skills

Movement Courses:
Mind Body & Soul

Sports & Games Courses:
Net Sports
Target & Individual Sports
Team Sports Indoor
Team Sports Outdoor