Superintendent of Schools - Amber Bock

Dear Families,

It has been an exceptionally busy and very productive summer here at the Westborough Public Schools. Summer is always traditionally the time when there is a great deal of activity taking place around school campus areas. Instructionally, we host a wide range of summer programs for students requiring specialized supports, and we also host summer camps across a variety of other special learning opportunities for students. Additionally, our faculty is busy taking coursework, writing curriculum, and preparing for the start of the school year.

Construction and repair projects and building cleaning are also a major priority during this time. This year in particular we have a variety of important projects underway at many of our schools. Here's a bit of what we have going on to repair and plan school spaces:

  • The Gibbons repair project is proceeding on time and we look forward to opening with the vast majority of all cons

  • truction complete and a successful project to celebrate.

  • High School athletic fields repair project: “Rangers on Track” is moving forward to finalize plans for presentation and funding support at the fall (October) Town Meeting.   

  • Armstrong modulars repair: The 4 outdated modulars at Armstrong are moving toward demolition and will be replaced with new updated modular construction for completion and use by fall of next year.

  • Preschool Construction and Hastings office renovation: Plans are underway for the construction of a new preschool wing at Hastings. This opens up much needed interior space at Hastings and reconfigures the offices to be at the entryway of the building. This important project will be presented for funding at the fall Town Meeting, with the goal of Fall 2018 for opening of the preschool.   

Look for more updates on all of these projects as we move forward.


Enjoy these final days of summer and we look forward to the start of the upcoming school year. Amber Bock