Fisher Street Bridge Closure

Fisher Street Bridge Closure
Posted on 10/08/2019
Important Notice

Fisher Street Bridge Closure-Update 2/13/20 Fisher Street Bridge will remain closed until complete. Anticipated completion date is June 2020.
The Public Works, Fire, Police, School and other Town departments have determined that temporarily opening the bridge prior to final work being completed would unnecessarily confuse drivers.
The remaining work by the Town's contractor includes final pavement of the road surface, curbing, sidewalks and landscaping. Other than a few days for gas main work to be done, no further work will occur until we have suitable construction weather.
The Westborough DPW appreciates your continued patience and cooperation. If you require more information please do not hesitate in contacting the DPW at (508) 366-3070.
Fisher Street Bridge Closure 

October 3, 2019

The bridge over the Assabet River on Fisher Street will be closed due to repairs from Monday October 7, 2019 through mid-December. We recently met with our colleagues at Westborough DPW, Fire, and Police to discuss the impact that this closure will have on our students and families. 

The east side of Fisher Street, up to #44 Fisher, will essentially become a dead-end road. 

A bus stop will be created at the intersection of Gary Circle and Fisher Street to service the students on the east side of Fisher Street and Gary Circle neighborhood. Students should use the sidewalk that runs along the north side of Fisher Street to access the newly created bus stop. 


On the west side of Fisher Street, our buses will follow the detour that will flow traffic via Maynard Street to Milk Street.

Additionally, no foot traffic will be allowed in the construction zone on either side of the Assabet river (eg. students will not be able to walk to/from Gibbons from the opposite side of the bridge-Kimball, Mayard, Assabet streets).

Please expect that there will be some delays as a result of the construction and traffic detours. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together with the town to manage this work.

Thank you.

AES Bus #12 will stop at the corner of Maynard St and Fisher St for 51 Fisher St, then drive Maynard St. to Milk St to Kings Grant St to Gary Circle, where it will pick up students from 44,43,40,38,32 Fisher St. at 8:30am at the temporary bus stop at Gary Circle and Fisher St (this will be about 5 minutes later from the current time).

MPS Bus #16 will pick up students from 43,33 Fisher St. at the temporary Gary Circle and Fisher St bus stop at 7:05am (same time).

GMS/HS Bus #2 will pick up students from 2,3,8 Kimball St at the temporary bus stop at the driveway of 54 Fisher St. at 7:45am. Bus will be taking a left onto Maynard St to Milk St to Kings Grant Rd., and will pick up students from 45,43,34 Fisher St at the temporary Gary Circle and Fisher St bus stop at 7:50am. 

Fisher Street Bridge Closure