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The Westborough School Committee is elected by the town's voters to oversee the education of the children of Westborough. During the school year, the committee meets twice a month on Wednesdays in the Forbes Municipal Building to review programs and procedures, establish goals for the school system, and develop and monitor the budget process. Community members are encouraged to attend our meetings or watch the proceedings live on Charter channel 13 Verizon channel 26. Meeting agendas are posted in advance in the Town Hall, the Westborough Public Library, the school administration's central office and all school buildings, and are also available on line at
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JODY HENSLEY, Chair (March 2017)
39 Arch Street
(508) 366-3821 (home)
(508) 725-5505 (cell)

NICOLE SULLIVAN, Vice Chair/Secretary (March 2017)
29 Wayside Road
(508) 836-5590 (work)

STEPHEN C. DORET (March 2019)
23 Mill Road
(508) 366-5833 (home)
(508) 264-3241 (cell)

SARA DULLEA  (March 2019)
23 Westminster Way
(508) 871-0910 (home)
(508) 380-0924 (cell)

CRANDALL, DAVID (March 2017)
5 Chestnut Street
(617) 823-0491 (cell)

Student Representative  (for 2016-2017)
Thomas Jacob

Westborough Public Schools Record Access Officer